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La Semilla Loop


Difficulty: Easy to Medium

Duration: 20 - 30 minutes

The La Semilla Loop trail is a nature trail located right off of the hotel property that ventures down into the jungle surrounding. Right off the property you'll be able to encounter sloths, white faced capuchin monkeys, and more. This trail will lead you to the main river trail where you turn right and head back up and around through the neighborhood to the front entrance of the hotel.  A perfect way to start your morning!

La Semilla Hiking Trail in Cerro Azul
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Rio Cascadas Trail


Difficulty: Medium

Duration: 3 hours

This half day hike will take you down a clearly marked path through the cloud forest terrain of Cerro Azul. You travel downhill for the entirety of the outbound hike until you reach the river. At this point you can explore over the rocks or take a left, following the river downstream until it converges with another stream, forming a pristine natural pool. Here, you can swim and relax for as long as you choose. Be sure to save some water for the uphill return hike! 

For more information on the hikes in the area surrounding La Semilla Ecolodge, talk to our frontdesk staff who will happily provide guide maps, answer any questions, and point you in the right direction. 

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